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12th December 2014

S38-mediumAirPlant Services has a new tool that has been added to our already extensive range of equipment

The Scrap'air range of pneumatic hammers can be use for a number of things.

Removing of tiles or  carpet, wood peeling and removal.

Removing and Demolition of concrete.

Scrap'Air leads you to a level of efficincy never reached with pneumatic machines.

  • Outstanding Power-to-Weight ratio and ergonomics    
  • A mastered vibration level ( patented in 2010) that respects the directives 2002/44/EC.   
  • A selection of tools adapted to the requirement of your job.     
  • An approved professional range for a reduced maintenance.     

For more information on the new range of tools please see our website or contact one of our friendly staff.