Sale - Roof Bolters

1st August 2014

superbolter.Recently Doug Mason sold a number of Super Turbo Bolters.

The customer purchased  2 of the 1200mm size bolter and a 1345mm size bolter.

Minova manufacture a range of compressed air operated, telescopic leg type drilling/bolting machines. These are lightweight, high performance machines, which were developed originally for the mining industry. The design of the machines makes them readily adaptable to different types of drilling and bolting applications, and as such they can be used in the tunnelling and civil engineering industries. The machines offer flexibility, rapid set-up, low maintenance and operation costs and ease of use.

Minova are able to provide design proposals for the mount and operation of machines to suit different application.

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Sale - Atlas Copco Tex 270PS

4th July 2014

tex-150peRecently Aaron Redmond sold a Atlas Copco Tex 270PS Breaker to Traffic Lights NSW.

If you have rented, bought or operated a TEX pneumatic breaker somewhere around the globe you must likely know it for its performance and reliability. The reason that it keeps performing, day in, day out, year after year is simplicity. Our machines are used on the toughest of jobs and often in very difficult conditions. And they keep coming back for more. Because of that word ‘simplicity’.

The latest TEX series is a marriage of the best and most useful features, characteristics and performance of the breaker range it replaces, and a number of new, but well-proven features such as Atlas Copco’s solid body concept and the two-step trigger, SOFSTART(TM).

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Sale and installation

4th July 2014

Aaron Redmond from Airplant Services recently sold two compressor and dryer packages to Coates Hire.

Both Packages were from the Professional range.

This is the recommended minimum standard comprising an oil-lubricated compressor, receiver tank, refrigerant dryer and two stage of filtration. The clean, dry compressed air is suitable for pneumatic tools, air powered machinery, sand blasting, powder coating and spray painting.


If you would like anymore information about these compressor packages please don't hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff.

Sale - Atlas Copco LT6004 Rammer

27th June 2014

Aaron Redmond from Airplant Services recently did a demonstration on a Atlas Copco LT6004 rammer for Coates Hire.

The Demonstration was a success with Coates Hire purchasing  twenty of these units to be delivered to the North Coast of New South Wales.

Get the job done faster...

The Atlas Copco range of compaction equipment will take your productivity to a whole new level. Outstanding compaction efficiency – thanks to superior forces and the high speed of our rammers, plates and rollers – enables you to get the job done fast and squeeze more into your daily schedule.


Making your workday easier and more productive is a high priority for us. Starting, maneuvering and transportation is made easy with clever engineering such as the rammer air breather system, smart water distribution system on the forward plates or the compact design of our rollers with hydraulic transmission.

And more cost effectively

You need equipment built to last; machines with long service intervals and lowest cost of ownership. Our innovative designs come from long experience in the industry, and from keeping close ties with customers like you in order to match your needs and increase your productivity.


If you would like anymore information on this product please look at our concrete and compaction page or contact one of our friendly staff.

Sale - Spitznas Bandsaw Improved

27th June 2014

Bandsaw-SpitznasRecently Douglas Mason sold a Spitznas bandsaw to Metropolitan Collieries.

Airplant has now modified the bandsaw increasing strength and durability of the bandsaws body.

If you would like to see the new improvements please dont hesitate to contact our friendly staff for a demonstration.

The bandsaw can be used in various applications as listed below.

  • Structural and civil engineering
  • Workshops
  • Pipe and electrical installation
  • Underground mining
  • Tank construction
  • Pipelines
  • Repairs in explosive areas
  • Chemical plants
  • Refineries/Shipyards
  • Scrap yards/Foundries

Sale - Cobra Pro

30th May 2014

Aaron Redmond from AirPlant Services sold a Atlas Copco Cobra Pro to Tom Szymanski from the Office of Environment and Heritage.

Tom needed to increase his fleet of Cobra's and without hesitation purchased a new unit.

Atlas Copco’s petrol driven breakers cover a wide range of applications like breaking concrete, cutting asphalt, tamping ballast and more. All without the need for power packs or cables. The Cobra Pro is the heavy hitter in the range, clocking up an incredible 60 joules at the tip of the tool.

Atlas Copco CobraFeatures & benefits

  • Easy to transport
  • Quick set-up time
  • HAPS™ Hand and Arm Protection System
  • Low emissions
  • Low noise


  • Breaking concrete
  • Cutting asphalt
  • Tamping an compacting
  • Driving spikes, tubes, poles, ground rods and probes
  • Digging ditches and holes

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New - 60-pound and 90-pound breakers

14th March 2014

Chigaro Pneumatic Constrution Tools as released a new range of 60-pound and 90-pound breakers the CP1260 and CP1290.

These new 60-pound and 90-pound breakers continue the tradition of the well known CP1230 and CP1240 with outstanding robustness and reliability in tough working conditions. Plus, they offer more power and are lighter weight.

CP1260S_BreakerKey Features

  • Even more power and productivity than the CP1230 and CP1240
  • Improved modern design for excellent durability
  • Four-bolt backhead- withstands rugged use
  • Integral oiler- provides continuous lubrication
  • Reversible piston - reduces maintenance cost
  • New swivel design for increased manoeuvrability
  • New type of heavy-duty head springs - reduce maintenance cost
  • "hushed power" versions equipped with mufflers ( S-Models )
  • Versions with improved vibration dampening systems (SVR models )

If you would like more information regarding the new CP range of breakers please visit our site or contact one of our friendly staff.

Sales - Endeavour Coal

7th March 2014

Natalie Weatherall from Airplant Services sold 10 Ingersoll Rand impact wrenches. 5 - 2131PSP 1/2'' under ground units and 5- 2155QIMAX SP 1'' underground units to Endeavour Coal.

The 2131PSP and 2155QiMAX-SP are both ATEX certified. Perfect for any maintenance or repair application, the 2131PSP delivers plenty of power and superior control, along with unmatched reliability that comes from than a century of proven engineering and innovation.



1/2'' 2131PSP

1'' 2155QiMAX-SP

If you would like more information on this product please contact one of our friendly staff.

Sale - Interflow

7th March 2014

CP222Aaron Redmond successfully sold two CP222 Chipping Hammer to Interflow.

With Chicago Pneumatic construction and mining equipment you get reliable, high-performing and cost-efficient solutions to your equipment needs.

The wide product range includes breakers, rock drills, rotary and chipping hammers, clay diggers, picks and busters, sump and sludge pumps,, concrete equipment and a whole lot more.

If you would like more information on this product please take a look at our site or contact one of our friendly staff.

Sale - Turmag and Accessories

31st January 2014

Turmag-F-IV-H-T4)-legDoug Mason from Airplant Services sold a Turmag to Andrew Kitson from Rock Control New Zealand.

Not only did he purchased the new machine but also Drill Steels and button buts to suit.

The low self-weight and the infinitely variable rotational speed provides for very good handling.

Either as a handheld drilling machine F IV (H-T4) or in combination with the telescopic jack leg as a variant, termed F IV-S (H-T4-AL), the machines are used with different drilling tools in mining. A wide range of accessories enlarges the spectrum of applications.

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