Sale - Petrol Post Driver

27th September 2013

post-drive-aloneAirplant services attended the Henty Machinery Field day between the 17th - 19th of September.

After a product demonstration on Tuesday of the Christie Petrol Post Driver Maxi customer was impressed with the unit and purchased the unit on the spot.

The Maxi Version is able to drive in Maxi posts and also comes with an adapter so you can still use the same driver on standard posts

If you would like any more information regarding the Petrol Post Driver please click here.

New Product - Westinghouse Generators

27th September 2013

Airplant Services have brought a new product into our range. We are now happy to announce that we can offer Westinghouse Portable Generators.

The Professional Series of Westinghouse generators includes all the high-end features you expect from the Westinghouse brand as well as single or twin 15 Amp weatherproof outlets. These units offer increased electrical safety with an RCD safety switch and enhanced mobility with ergonomic lifting handles and puncture proof tyres.


Providing Customer with two options in the Professional Series. The WHXC3750- PRO and the WHXC8500E-PRO with electric start.

Unique PRO Features Include:

  • Puncture Proof Tyres
  • High Capacity Fuel Tank
  • Digital VTF Meter
  • AVR System (Auto Voltage Regulator)
  • Weatherproof Outlets
  • RCD Safety Switch

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Sale - Cp 117 Breaker

24th May 2013

117Doug Mason from Airplant Services successfully sold 2 Cp 117 Pneumatic Breaker to South East Services.

The CP 90 lb class pneumatic breakers are designed to deliver the power and durability necessary for a variety of construction and plant maintenance applications such as breaking heavy concrete, reinforced concrete, frozen ground, macadam, boulders and pavement.

Sale -T55 Electric Start Compressor

24th May 2013

t55-airmac-compressorNatalie Weatherall from Airplant Services successfully sold 4 Airmac T55 PS Electric Start Compressors to CDK Constructions.

No electricity, no problem. Airmac offers an up-to-date range of Honda powered air compressors that are ideal for use out in the field. Each model from 5.5 to 13 hp is fitted with a genuine Honda petrol engine for superior performance, reliability, economy and lasting value. Plus a 3-year engine warranty for peace of mind.

Sale - LP 18 Twin E Hydraulic Power Pack

20th April 2012

LP18 Twin EAaron Redmond from Airplant Services successfully sold a Atlas Copco LP 18 E Twin Power Pack to Rhino Demolitions.

You can use the Atlas Copco power packs virtually anywhere: fitted with wheels and handles, they are easy to manoeuvre around building sites. The LP18 Twin E is a 3 phase motor so its quiet to use and can go where you cannot have a petrol machine. The power packs are small enough to be stored on shelves. They are also lightweight enough that two people can lift one up and fit it in the back of a van. Version with twin and single pump configuration and different flow and pressure settings also available.

If you would like further information on this product please contact a member of our team.

Demonstration - The Spitznas Bandsaw

9th March 2012

Recently Douglas Mason conducted a demonstration of a Spitznas bandsaw at BHP Billiton - Endeavour Coal and Rus Mining.

The Spitznas bandsaw was a huge success with the customer pleased with the machines performance and with the ability to go underground it increased the bandsaws appeal.

Bandsaw-SpitznasThe bandsaw can be used in various applications as listed below.

  • Structural and civil engineering
  • Workshops
  • Pipe and electrical installation
  • Underground mining
  • Tank construction
  • Pipelines
  • Repairs in explosive areas
  • Chemical plants
  • Refineries/Shipyards
  • Scrap yards/Foundries

This demonstration was a success with the BHP Billiton - Endeavour Coal purchasing two machines and Rus Mining purchasing on machine.

If you would like more information on this product please take a look at our site or contact one of our friendly staff.

Compressor and Installation

2nd March 2012

call-nowNoisy Air Compressor?

Water and Oil in your Airlines?

We can breath clean dry air back into your business!


32cfm @ 8bar 250 Litre Tank

We Not Only Sell, We Install The System For You! No Hassles, No Worries.

A Complete System For Your Workshop

Free Delivery and Commissioning (Illawarra area).

Finance is available


Underground Borers

10th February 2012

Borer-HeadsWe can now offer our customers Underground Borers.

Underground borers are ideal for underground installations. ie. Sewage, telephone lines, gas & electricity.

All models are available with 3 alternative head designs to suit varied soil conditions.

  • Smooth tapered head
  • Stepped tapered head
  • Moving head

Our Underground Borers are Manufactured in Australia & come with a 1yr warranty


Sale - LH22 Hydraulic Breaker

18th January 2012

LH22Aaron Remond from AirPlant Services conducted another successful Sale of a Atlas Copco LH22 Hydraulic Breaker to Christie Engineering.

The LH22 Hydraulic Breaker is a light weight breaker thats great for concret and rock removal. It can also be used as a spike driver with a custom attachment able to drive in the base for the white reflective posts on the side of the road.

If you would like futher information on this breaker please contact a member or our team.