Mining Products

HAZEMAG Mininghazemag mining turmag f iv

The low self-weight and the infinitely variable rotational speed provides for very good handling. Either as a handheld drilling machine F IV (H-T4) or in combination with the telescopic jack leg as a variant, termed F IV-S (H-T4-AL), the machines are used with different drilling tools in mining. A wide range of accessories enlarges the spectrum of applications.

MINOVAminova superbolter

Minova manufacture a range of compressed air operated, telescopic leg type drilling/bolting machines. These are lightweight, high performance machines, which were developed originally for the mining industry. The design of the machines makes them readily adaptable to different types of drilling and bolting applications, and as such they can be used in the tunnelling and civil engineering industries. The machines offer flexibility, rapid set-up, low maintenance and operation costs and ease of use. Minova are able to provide design proposals for the mount and operation of machines to suit different application.

Customer Testimonials

Regarding the Minova roof bolter over the last month, it has been working on the booster fan excavation site at 26c/t North. It has drilled over 200 x 3.2 38mm shotholes, Drilled installed 200 x 2.1m roof and 10 x 8m Megabolts. This work was done in reasonably hard sandstone roof. Feedback from the crew has been very positive; the first being that the bolters is still operational, its lighter, with just as much torque and push as the competitors. Suggested improvements were that they would like a grab handle all the way around the bolter and a easier to operate drive trigger (return spring to tight). Its going to be interesting to see how much longer this bolter will keep operating before it requires a repair.

Dave Withers - Appin Site Coordinator, Delta SBD Ltd

The Minova Bolter performs better than expected and is just as powerful as the competitors machines we currently use, is much lighter and easier to manoeuvre.

Dan Fenning - Trans Tasman Mining Pty Ltd

Timberkingtimberking chainsaw

The Timberking Chainsaw was originally engineered and designed around the underground coal mining industry of Australia, where aluminium products are banned. This pneumatic chainsaw has a zinc body specifically for the conditions and regulations of underground coal mining within Australia and various other countries enforcing the same safety standards.

SPITZNASspitznas bandsaw

Spitznas provide the only Air Driven Bandsaw in the World. It is lightweight and uses standard type Bandsaw Blades.

Altas Copcoatlas copco bbd94

High performance rock drill for soft to hard rock. It has ratchet wheel rotation mechanism, short stroke and high impact rate. It is also efficient at low air pressure. The pusher leg control is placed on the pusher leg it self.

cengarcengar jsm underground air hacksaw

Atex Approved II 2G T5 I M2.

The new JSM Saw was designed specifically for use in Coal Mining, but is equally useful in all kinds of mining activities. It is based on the proven JSZ Saw used in Oil and Petrochemical sites throughout the world.

Will cut Metal Pipes and Sections of all shapes up to 300mm dia/width and because it uses less than 6 C.F.M. it can be run off a portable compressor or an air/nitrogen gas cylinder.

Rotabroachrotabroach rd130c

Rotabroach have a wide range of Magnectic Drill Cutters, Magnectic Drilling Machines and Rail Drills. Rotabroach cutters are at the cutting edge of technology with a uniquely efficient geometry, and together with a comprehensive range of magnetic drilling machines, offer solutions for all your hole-drilling requirements.

Mining Hire

We have a wide range of equipment for hire that can be used in underground coal mines.

  • Underground Rockdrills and Pusher Leg
  • Underground Pneumatic Magnectic Drilling Machines
  • Underground Pneumatic Breakers
  • Underground Band Saws
  • Underground Pneumatic Chain Saws
  • Underground Pneumatic Saw
  • Underground Rib Borer
  • Underground Roof Bolters
  • Underground Turmag Drilling Machine